Yes all businesses are Unique and Diverse but the Pillars of Business, Principles

of Success and Laws of Growth will remain the same.

“There are many pathways to success but it’s often the road less traveled that has

the greatest rewards.”

As a business owner or director do you find yourself being consumed by your business?

Do you know where you want to be as an organization but not sure exactly how you going to get there?

Businesses are becoming more competitive and innovative than ever before. Would you like to be kept up to date with global trends that would keep you ahead of your competition?

Do you find that your business is not growing at optimal rates and would you like to double or triple your turnover within the next two to three years?

Would you like to enrol in our FREE 1 year Business Growth Programme that guarantees Measurable Growth?

Welcome to Green House Business Development Program

Greenhouse Business Development is intent on providing niche-driven business strategies and solutions to enhance growth and empower the workforce through the professional efforts of seasoned specialists.

We are committed to offering an all-encompassing business development programme and ongoing support. Our aim is to be the leaders in business development solutions in Africa.

Specific Program Outcomes:

  1. Assist and support you to revive your business and operate at optimum levels.

  2. Assess and review your personal and team dynamics.

  3. Increase overall business productivity.

  4. Up skill existing workforce and implement change management practices.

  5. Develop and improve your Sales process.

  6. Conduct a comprehensive skills assessment and identify skills gaps.

  7. Develop and review your financial management process and policies.

  8. How to use the latest technology and innovative concepts and to stay abreast of current world trends.

  9. Assess ,review and develop your marketing strategy.

  10. Research your core industry and market.

  11. Develop your unique business process modal.

  12. Identify the current net worth of your company.

  13. Clarify your short and long term goals as well as holding you accountable to achieve them.



Green House Businss Development Program Today!

(Limited enrolments per year, JOIN NOW to avoid disappointment)

(NB! businesses must be in operation for more than 2 years).

Foundation phase
Corporate Membership
Per Month
Per Month
Personal/Staff development
Duration 3 to 12 months 12 to 36 months 2 months plus 3 to 12 months
Activities +_ 100 Basic +/- 100 high level +/-20 high level 50 + Multi level
Consultant Support/Advice 2 sessions Free 10 sessions FREE 2 sessions FREE 1 Session FREE
Growth Assessment After completion Every 6 months After completion After completion
Description The Foundation phase of THE GREENHOUSE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT growth program consists of 100 specific outcome base activities based on 10 key growth areas: team and personal dynamics, skills development, performance, finance, processes, marketing and sales, innovation and technology, recruitment, coaching and mentoring. Includes consultant support, assessments and a certificate of completion. A certificate of completion for the foundation phase program is required before you can register as a corporate member. This is a target driven program consisting of about 100 high level activities focusing on all 10 growth areas. Includes multi level collaboration with a team of consultants, ongoing support and assessments. This program is for companies who have already achieved their growth targets. These activities focus mainly on innovation, technology and global trends. The refresher will be updated every 3 months. Companies should continue to complete the refresher if they want to grow and remain prosperous. This program serves as a catalyst in improving all aspects of the individual : temperament, character traits, behaviour and attitude. Includes : One on one support, coaching and mentoring.
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